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Monday, January 27, 2014

Why PNG can be a TOP tourist destination

PNG can be a top tourist destination and the writing is on the wall. Here are some reasons why.

1. Unique cultures. PNG has over 800 different cultures and all untouched. Most still quite primitive and very unique and original.

2. Untouched beaches - PNG's beaches are pristine. Not many foreigners have discovered them or even seen them on photos.

3. Best diving spots. - PNGs oceans a divers heaven. Best snorkelling, best scuba diving

4. Virgin rainforests - PNG has the third largest virgin native rain forests on earth. Some have hundreds of kms with no human inhabitant.

5. Unique undiscovered plant and animal species. - PNG is the last frontier of still many undiscovered species of animals and plants both in the sea and on land.

6. Cruise ships - Cruise ships are only starting to come to PNG. Visitors recently have mentioned that PNG has been one of their highlights.

7. Birds of Paradise - PNG bird of paradise is one of the most beautiful, unique and shy birds in the world.

8. People - PNG people are most friendly. 80% still live in villages and are most friendly. They treat their visitors like the royals.

9. Kokoda track- one of the toughest, historically very significant.

10. New frontier in surfing - Still not touched. Some of the best surfing spots in the world.

11. Others - largest butterfly in the world, largest collection of wetlands, fishing, and many more.

Pristine untouched islands and beaches

Unique birds of paradise

Queen Alexandra bird wing butterfly

Large virgin rainforests
Over 800 Unique cultures



richardwilkins said...

I want to explore their virgin forest and see their natural resources.

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Elisha Brewster said...

I want to visit every PNG tourist destinations! I think the country is a paradise.

Emman Esguerra said...

I think PNG culture experience is one of a kind.