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Roles & Functions of WAECA

1. Spreading of the Gospel

The main purpose of founding WAECA was to spread the word of GOD, and remains WAECA's main priority. Once every one to two years, a convention is held in a selected village in the Valley. The convention runs for a week. People come and listen to the word of GOD. Baptisms also occur mostly during this time. Church planting has been our success so far and we have managed to build a few church buildings and organize laymen to these churches.

2. Awareness campaigns.

During school holidays and during the conventions, WAECA Elites hold awareness campaigns. They go to the markets or where ever there is a gathering to teach people in Health, law and order issues, and talk about HIV AIDS and other pressing issues of the day. The Elites discuss areas of their interest and educate the villagers. Coaching for school kids are also held to prepare them for their future school years and moral values.



3. Law and Order.

Before WAECA was established, there were lot of law and order problems in the Valley. There were tribal fights in lot of villages. The place was becoming very unsafe. The WAECA Clergymen and Elites worked hard to reverse this trend. There have been many occasions where tribal warfare could have broken out but WAECA stoped them. We have brought some lasting peace and normalcy to the valley. We will contnue to strive for more.

4. Getting together of friends and Families.

Our conventions are a good time to get together, talk about our failures and successes, share our experiences and also share the good word. Many of our elites are scattered all over Papua New Guinea. With WAECA, we can come together and see our loved ones. We also welcome visitors and guests speakers in a very friendly and caring way.
During the conventions, sports games are also organized by elites. Even old people are allowed to take part and have fun.


5. Social Development and self Reliance Activities.

WAECA is not a political organisation. But we strife to improve the living conditions and health of the people in the valley. Currently, we just run awareness campaigns on sanitaion, HIV AIDS, and other health issues. (primary health care). If we have any means in the future, we would like to at least build a Health center or primary school to serve the children in the valley.

6. Environment and Climate Change.

Since the 1997/1998 El Nino effect, vast areas of virgin rain forest was burnt down in the massive bush fires that ensured. Lot of the tropical strong wood were not only burnt down but some have just died down due to global warming.

As a community initiative, WAECA will encourage the local people to cut down less trees and plant more trees. Pine and gum trees have done well in the valley. We hope to obtain funding some day to plant more trees, as the local people are very keen in planting trees.

A long term project would be conservation of the three mountain ranges of tropical rain forests. Any body interested in this project can contact info@waeca.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

7. Others

With the launch of our web site we hope to invite visitors, volunteers and other group or individuals to our beautiful valley. The Warakamb Valley is beautiful with crystal clear waters, tropical rain forests, fresh food and friendly people. But it is located in one of the most remote parts of the Highlands of PNG. Law and Order problems are common. But we would like to make a difference. And with the Lords Blessing we can fight Satan, and make it a better place.

Feel free to browse around. Members can sign in and contribute. Visitors can leave a message and we will get back to you. In time, we hope to invite both national as well as international friends.

Do you want help us to help? or do you want to comment on our website?, or if you want to help us with any of our projets, contact us at info@waeca.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . or leave a message in the contact us section.

God bless.