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Warakamb Development Foundation. (WDF) An NGO, Not for profit group founded by the people.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Warakamb Villagers starting to drink more tea

Warakamb Valley villagers have now started to drink more tea. Unlike coffee, tea is more cheaper, more healthier and delicious. Tea has found to be good for the lungs and also found to contain substances that may fight cancer and repair damaged DNA. One for the road! Em Nau??

Haus cook

Make fire

Boil your water in teapot, dish, or any pot

Make tea with or without sugar

Tea is delicious and healthy and cheap


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain, before and now

Compare these images from before and now. Phenomenal change.
Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain looking South - Before

Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain looking south - Today
Notice the differences

MRDC Funded Marara Health Post and Opening Pictures

Drugs cupboard inside health Post- the medical supply comes directly through Ausaid and is dlivered to the door. Our medical supplies are constant and quality as its supplied by Aus Aid.

Part of health Post Building and Residences of staff

Quality and Well designed Banner from Theodist; Port Moresby.

The health Post building, carpenter and CHW

MD Augustine Mano, and his MRDC management team inspect the Health Post


MRDC funded the Marara Health Post. It was opened by MRDC managing director, Mr Augustine Mano. He was so impressed with the Health Post and the amount of work that had gone in that he made a commitment to fund  it's operations for the next 5 years. Thank you MRDC.

Mendi Kandep Highway- before and now images

The Mendi Kandep Highway in the Warakamb Valley

Ladies and gentleman, there you have it. The thing we have been waiting for all these years. Even better than what we expected. Thank you to ADB, the contractors- COVEC and all our leaders and public servants who have played a part in ensuring that this road was built.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mendi Kandep Highway pictures

There you have it. The Mendi kandep highway is going through the Warakamb valley. Enjoy these pictures.