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WAECA Choire - Uniform Launching

Warakamb Development Foundation. (WDF) An NGO, Not for profit group founded by the people.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mendi Kandep Highway pictures

There you have it. The Mendi kandep highway is going through the Warakamb valley. Enjoy these pictures.


WAECA Choire Uniform Launch

The WAECA Choire group's uniform was launched at Taikone beach, Port Moresby on 16th Feb 2015. You can watch the video on you tube. It was sponsored by Warakamb's own - Clean green energy.


Greenville Church

Greenville church is built just on the Hills overlooking Morata. Its part of Rainbow Church. People from Warakamb Valley can call these church home. See pictures below.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Proper water supply needed in Warakamb Area

A recent visit to the Warakamb area found increased cases of water borne diseases including diarrhoea. Children were getting sick due to proper hygienes, poor water source from fecal contamination due to creek systems being used as toilet.

Thus a water supply source is badly needed in the area. Donor agencies will be requested to help out with the project.

Poor source of water is making people sick.

Mendi Kandep HighWay Update

The ADB funded Mendi Kandep highway is progressing well. Huge trucks and machinery are still working on the 50km highway. From initial impressions, it looks even better than the Highlands Highway. Line drains, earth walls and retention walls are huge and look impressive. This is a blessing to the people who live along the road.

Main Points;

  1. Covec, a chinese company is the main contractor
  2. The project is funded by ADB for over 475 million kina
  3. It involves building 6 bridges and many other little creek crossings
  4. Sealing is at Mt Wiri
  5. The same company will maintain it for 10 years after completion
Thank you to all who have made it possible. "Worka, gooda
Worka. No worka, no moneya!!!!!!!!

The old road