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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Warakamb from space

See google images from space. The valley from space looks incredibly beautiful with the Kamb river flowing through the valley and fertile swamps and plots of land on both sides. The river makes no noise and flows gently.

Cows starting to make a come back in Warakamb

Cattle farming was common in the 1970s in Warakamb. In the 1960s when Anglican and Catholic Ameriacns were residing in the Warakamb Valley, there were cattle farms all over Warakamb Valley, including at Bin Manda, Kaep, Pandia, Emda Manda and so on. There were cows and buffalos everywhere in the valley. These all dsapeared in the 1980s after the Americans left.


Warakamb Culture still alive

Warakamb culture is still alive. Although some of the very beautiful and old traditional method of body decorations and head dress is disappearing, young people are still keen on dressing in traditional gear for special occasions. See below the Warakamb culture and body/face painting.


Fertile Warakamb Valley

The Warakamb Valley is one of the most fertile places in PNG. Due to climate change and global warming, areas where there was only clay and water are drying up and plants that were unable to grow there are growing.
On the other hand some of the native forests are dying off slowly.

Taro, Pupkins, and other vegetables.

Corn growing wild

Taro being prepared

Taro growing wild

Vegetables galore!

Cabbage and choco leaves

Sugar cane growing in the Valley

20 people baptised in Warakamb

20 people were baptised in Warakamb in Dec 2015. They included prominent leaders like Mol Harur and many men and women from the monderep tribe in Marara, Warakmb Valley. many more people are going to churches. Attending to it were DD Kandp and our very own retired pastros from Warakamb.

The Baptismal candidates

DD Kandep and our own retired pastors baptising them
Women's ministry Mothers marching