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Hello and Welcome to our Weblog. This weblog complements our website Due to financial constraints, will be off the web but not out completely. Our sons will re establish it in the future when finances say so. Currently, we are unable to.

Warakamb Valley

Warakamb is a remote area or valley between the Highlands Provinces of Enga and SHP. The valley is blessed mainly due to the work of SDA missionaries. The early ones were American. Due to the stupidity of our forefathers, they left.

Church in Warakamb

The rest is history. The remnants of what they left behind is the story behind this association called WAECA or Warakamb Adventist Elite and Clergymen's Association.

Warakamb Church members after working hard on a Sunday morning

Read about our beautiful Valley, our challenges, cultures, and our dreams and aspirations.
Read our posts. They cover a whole range of topics of importance to rural PNG - Spreading the Gospel, Health, education, self reliance activities, environment and climate change and so on.

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Warakamb SDA Church