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The WAECA story

On a rainy day in 1996, 4 elites from the Warakamb Valley sat around a fire in a little hut. They were telling stories about life, the earth, Faith and so on. They noted how illiterate men could read the bible and go on to become pastors. Many were grade one or two leavers. But the men had become missionaries and then  on to become pastors. Many of these men,s children were going to schools all over PNG.

Some of the early founders of WAECA

They saw that Warakamb was blessed. The Lord had blessed us rich. Many of the pastors were retiring and were returning to live back in Warakamb. The SDA church had done a lot.

But there were still a lot of their countrymen living in bad ways and doing bad things. Tribal fights were common, and other law and order problems were spoiling the valley. Many were turning away from Christ. There were lots of health related issues, and government services were non existent.

So they decided to form a group or assiociation. That is how the Warakamb Adventist Elite and Clergymen's Association (WAECA) was born. To continue the work done by our forefathers.

The first convention was held in 1997 and since then, the rest is history. The organisation was registered with the IPA in 2001.


There is a constitution and finacial guidelines. Execcutives range from President, treasurer, general secretary to two Vice Presidents. They are voted in once every two years by the church members and board of Warakamb SDA Church. The positions have changed hands many times, all try their best to do something to benefit the people.

Conventions are held once every two years. Seminars are discussed on a wide range of issues. The main ones are Law and order, HIV AIDs, Environment and Climate Change and self relaince issues. World events are discussed during this times.

Today lot of Warakambs children are in various institutions all over the country. Some have completed their studies and are working with the private and public sector.

While we try to  spread the word of the Lord and make the people live better lives, the devil is also on the loose and creating havoc. But we pray that WAECA will continue to do the work of the Lord till he comes back.