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Where is Warakamb?

Warakamb is little remote Valley located between the Enga and Southern Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea. Two beautiful rivers flow through the valley. they are the Kolpa river and Wara Kamb or Homb  river. Trout fish introduced by the Australians in the 1960s is plenty in these rivers.
Over 10 000 people call this valley home. They speak both the Mendi and Enga languages. Although the area is so remote, early missionaries set up missions and settled there.

Map of PNG. Note Warakamb as per arrow


Many kids went to these schools, but the missionaries left due to tribal fights. The kids did not finish school, the missions made them missionaries.

These Missionaries kids went to school. They were now contributing to the development of PNG.

To thank the Lord and do something to continue to work of God, they launched an association, called the Warakamb Adventist Elite & Clergymen's Association or WAECA.

The PNG flag