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Warakamb Today

Warakamb today is much the same as it was yesterday. There are about 10 000 people. Climate change has meant that the place is much warmer. taro, and banana are growing well. The people have changed little.

The Warakamb Valley today

There are fewer tribal fights. Our elites do not get involved. We do not buy guns, rather we discourage tribal fighting. Elites from rival clans live like brothers.

Our Local Kandep MP has helped to built a health centre and school. Hopefully, they will be staffed well and well equipped. Thanks to our local MP. Our local MP from Mendi has also helped to built a school. Kids have started Prep.

Agriculture is still lagging behind. Goats are taking off, but it is the peoples own initiative. Fish farming is taking off in some parts of the valley.

The Mendi to Kandep highway is still needing much attention. If the whole Highlands highway needs attention, then, who are we? Although we are citizens of PNG and have rights to services. We do pay tax as well.

Many church buildings have gone up. Thanks to WHUM. they have helped a lot. Thanks to the kind contributions by the willing hands. Your reward is in Heaven.

HIV AIDs is spreading like wild fire. WAECA is trying its best to control it. Only time will tell where we end up. Spiritual and moral teachings is the best way to proceed. You know, we PNGs, we do have a I don't care attitude. We take life cheaply.

Apart from this, nothing much has happened. It is as beautiful as ever. Want to see for your self? Contact us. leave a note.

God bless.