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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Latest PNG HIV/AIDS Statistics

More women than men test HIV-positive
FEMALES continue to dominate the number of reported HIV cases, according to the 2008 first half (January-June 2008) report on sexually transmitted infections (STI), HIV and AIDS Surveillance.
The report showed that 24,769 cumulative HIV-positive cases were reported by the end of June 2008 of which 24,769 cases (45%) were males, 12,496 cases (50%) were females
and 1,227cases (5%) were unrecorded or unknown gender.
“A total of 1,559 newly-confirmed HIV cases were reported in the first and second quarter of 2008 out of which 911 cases (58%) were females, 617 cases (40%) were males and 31 (2%) were the sex was not recorded,” the report stated.
“The ratio of newly-confirmed HIV infections in the first and second quarter of 2008 was almost three females to two males.
“This is similar to the trend in 2007 where 57% of HIV infections were in females and 40% were in males.”
Females between the ages of 20 and 24 years had the highest number of newly-reported HIV cases between January and June 2008 (more than 250 cases reported in that period), compared to the males of the same age group who only recorded more than 50 cases.
“We are seeing more and more infections in young women every year and we are also seeing an increased number of cases in Madang and East Sepik provinces,” national surveillance coordinator of the Health Department Dr Urarang Kitur said.
Dr Kitur was speaking during his presentation at the HIV seminar hosted by the National Research Institute recently.


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