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WAECA - The Association



The Warakamb Adventist & Clergymens Association (WAECA) is made up of three arms:

1. The Associate,
2. The Clergy
3. The Elites


The Associate

The Associate arm is made up of the overal president, and secretary and treasurer. There is a general secretary and an in country secretary. There are 2 vice presidents, elite and clergy. They run the affairs of the whole Association.

As of Jan 2010, the executives were:

WAECA President - Pr. Kembol Kep
WAECA tresurer - Mr. Simon William
WAECA General secretary - Eric Ungil, and secretary (PNG) - Dr. Mark Raphael.

Vice Presidents
Elite - Mr. patrick Talu
Clergy - Pr. John Kundapen.

Executives are voted in once every two years. Each position can be occupied so long as they are voted in by the Warakamb Church Memebers.

The Warakamb Elites

 Elites are made up of students and those formally employed in the public or private sector. Before the early 1990s, only a few such existed. Today, with the blessing of the Lord, we have a good number both in the private and public sector. The elites are our main financial members. They help to fund the expenses of our bi annual conventions, and some help to contribute to pay our laymen in the Warakamb valley.


The elites are an important group because, they take the lead in organising the conventions, holding awareness activies on diseases such as HIV AIDs, law and order and other important issues in the valley.

The Elites have a president who organises the group. He also has a secretary who would help him or her. The roles are rotated within the group.

Currently (2007/2008) they are:
1. Elite President - Dr. Mark Raphael. Medical Doctor - Port Moresby.
2. Elite Secretary - Micah Kamesoh - Pacific Adventist University, Student.

                                     Elite president Mark Raphael and Micah Kamesoh - assistant.

At the moment, we have elites in the health sector, including nurses, doctors, pharmacist, dental surgery students, teachers, and an accountant and architect and others.
Visitors, Volunteers, Elective students or guests who would like to know more or learn about related fields of their interest (in the PNG context) can contact us for hints, tips or advice.

Pioneer Elites

Despite the fact that no school existed in the Warakamb Valley, few of our men did what they could with the blessing of the Lord.

                                                             Dick E. Vep, Pioneer elite

Dick E Vep was one of such man. From an adventist background, he worked hard at high school and went to Laloki Business collge. Today, he is a business development officer in Wabag, assisting in Pyrethrum production and other crops.

NCD WAECA Elites during a recent meeting and BBQ in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

Current Elites

Our current elites are still starting to establish them selves. Despite their busy schedules, most attend tro WAECA needs, in terms of time and resources. We all know WAECA was not formed for personel gain, but for our own personal relationship to God, and to spread his ministry.


Are you outside PNG? Would you like more information? Our elites could help you. Email us using our contact us site or at info@waeca.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will get back to you as soon as we can.

The Clergy Arm
The Clergyman are the backbone of WAECA. They are made up of the church members of the Warakamb Seventh day Adventist Church, the pastors and and the laymen.

Adventists march towards the Annal Seventh Day Adventist Church for the grand opening.

The Clergyman, especially the pastors, laymen and senior church members work hard, bringing the good news to as many members of the valley as they can. When satan is on the loose and creating havoc, these people keep the fire burning to bring light to otherwise would have been a very dark area of the world. May God continue to guide them and bless them.

Village chiefs who have become adventists. From left, Monderep Ipi, Paki, Maul Pep and Moul Isiah.

They have given up their old ways to live in the way Jesus taught. More village chiefs have showed an interest to get baptised and it is our aim to go out to this sort of man to live as good christians.


The retired Pastors of the Warakamb valley as of April 2008.

We would like to Highlight the work done by our pastors and retired pastors. The retired pastors were almost all uneducated. They were inspired by the holy spirit to read the bible, even in English, extract the message, and give to the illiterate, the uncivilized, and some of the most difficult people.  

They were humble and did their jobs with all their might. They spread the word far and wide through out the Western Highlands Union Mission (Seventh day Adventist Church) in Papua New Guinea.

 Pr. Kep Karte & Pr. Pendet Kome. They were amongst the early missionaries who went on to become pastors.

In return, the Lord Blessed them and gave them good health, good wifes who helped them and good children, some of whom are now well educated and helping to build Papua New Guinea. We pay tribute to our retired Pastors. As of April 2008, the Pastors who had retired so far are: Pr. Kep Karte, Pr. Amos, Pr. Assa Wap and Pr. Kainakali. Pastor Pendet Kome will be retiring soon. Although retired, they still play a major role in spreading the word of God.

Pr. J. Kundapen


The Laymen

Our laymen help the pastors to help spread the word of God and also help run the conventions. There are 6 currently. They have their families to look after but they also look after other church members. Paying them has been an issue. We still have been short financially in paying our laymen who work very hard. We still need lot of help in this area. We pray that some day, we will have the means to help them do the work even more and also get new people trained. We pray our laymen will continue to do the good job. May the Holy Spirit guide them.

                                           Volunteers and laymen in the Warakamb Valley 

Church Members
There are almost a thousand Seventh day Adventist Church members in the Warakamb Valley. There are several more thousand who are interested and willing to get baptized in the future. This was evident during the last WAECA convention when prominent village chiefs and leaders showed an interest in getting baptized and lined up along the Mendi Kandep Highway.

Some Warakamb Church members during one of their sunday morning combine work parades.

The Church members are both young and old. The pioneer members act as Dickens and the young join the youth groups who sing in choire groups and also go around helping the needy.

Warakamb Women's Group

The Warakamb Women's group is a group of all the adventist mothers in the valley. They basically go around to help each other in times of physical and spiritual needs.


During the WAECA conventions, the mothers come together to prepare food, accommodation and needs of elites as well as guests. They also go to other meetings within the district or Western Highlands union mission. They have their own prayer group. We thank them for their never ending prayers during the conventions and also before.

Warakamb women rehearsh a march for the Kandep district end of year closing gathering.

WAECA elites owe a lot to the Warakamb women who do some of the hard works in going around praying for the sick, and spreading the word of God.


Warakamb Youth Group.

These collection of Young Warakamb Adventist church members lead in singing and welcoming guests apart from their other duties.

Youth members help carry tatched leaves for the roof of a house

They raise funds to pay for their trips to church gathering mainly by doing physical work for people who can pay. Sometimes, they can do a whole day's work for only a few dollars (kina) as many people can not afford to pay more.


                                                        A choire group practise a welcome song.

Warakamb Children.

Currently the Warakamb children still lack a proper school and health services. Many children die of preventable diseases such as diarhoea, pneumonia, malaria and typhoid. Children who grow up in an adventist family are not as bad.

                                  Warakamb Children enjoy a swim in the Warakamb river