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Warakamb SDA Church

The Warakamb Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church was first established in the 1960s. First camps were at Nanz and eventually the Church building was built at the current site at Welemteh. An elementary school was also set up but never continued.

The old church building was demolished and a new semi permanent one built in the 1980s. Thanks to help from the Western Highlands Union Misiion. (WHUM)

Church Members
There are over 1000 church members in the Warakamb Valley. Many are active while others have left. Many more members are continuing to join the church. The church is part of the Kandep District, which is under the WHUM.

WAECA executives are voted in by the Church members during the WAECA conventions.

Smaller Churches

There are 12 other smaller churches. They are Mondah, Purimipa, Marara, Annal, Winja, Kendor, Sol, Konait, Koup, Pia, Pelpowe, Wariba and Ipsem. Some have already built semipermanent church buildings while others are still fund raising. Aagain thanks to the WHUM. K.oup, Pia and Annal churches have permanent church buildings, while Winja and Sol churches are being built