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Friday, February 20, 2009

WAECA; The Association

Above Warakamb Women's Ministry running Sabath School in Aanal han church.

WAECA stands for Warakamb Adventist Elite and Clergymen's Association. (WAECA inc). It is a non Government, not for profit non political Association. It was founded by the early members and elites of the Warakamb Seventh day Adventist (SDA) Church mainly to spread the Word of the God and prepare the Valley for the second coming.

Warakamb Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only church serving the entire Warakamb Valley. It is part of the Kandep District, Enga Province, PNG. The Warakamb SDA church also looks after few small churches in Lai Valley District of the Southern Highlands Provinvce (SHP). Warakamb is sandwiched between two Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Enga and Southern Highlands Provinces. The Warakamb Adventist church is under the administration of the Western Highlands Union Mission. Papua New Guinea is a Pacific island nation, situated just to the north of Australia and east of Indonesia.

WAECA was first conceived in 1998 but got registered with the PNG Investment Promotion Authority (PNG IPA) in 2001. The founding members sat around a burning fire in a little hut on a rainy day, having been inspired by the holy spirit, discussed the founding values of WAECA. Today, WAECA is bigger and has been involved in the conversion of many rural people from living in bad ways to live peacefully, get bapatized and live as good Adventist Christians.

The Three Arms of WAECA - The Clergy, Elites & Associate.
The Association is made up of three main arms, The Associate, The Clergyman and the Elites.

1. The Clergy Arm
The Clergymen are the Church members of the Warakamb Seventh Day Adventist Church, the pastors both retired and current and the laymen. They are our most important group. They are the men on the ground to spread the word of GOD, and encourage fellow tribesman and woman to live with Christian values. Pastor John Kundapen is our current team leader for the clergymen. He co odinates the laymen and retired pastors in the valley and leads in preparing the valley for conventions.

2. The Elite Arm

The Elites are the students and those employed formaly in the public or private sector. Years ago, there were only a few. But with the Lord's blessing, we have many coming up. Our Elites are meant to be the main financial members. The elite team leader is Mr. Patrick Talu. Some of the elites are contributing to help pay for our laymen despite the financial hardships.

3. The Associate
The Associate arm oversees the other two and co odinates the whole Association.

The Current President is Pr. Kembol Kep. He is assisted by Mr. Simon William as treasurer and Eric Ungil as secretary for WAECA. The associate executive are the over all executive of WAECA. They make the final decisions. The vice presdients are Mr. Patrick Talu and Pr. John Kundapen.

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